Interview with Luís Rodríguez, founding partner of LabsLand startup

Interview with Luís Rodríguez, founding partner of Labsland, a project that allows the user to access a wide network of online labs. How did the idea of ​​the project arise? For years, 5 of the 6 partners have participated in a research team in remote laboratories, from the University of Deusto. Although the prototypes that we have tested in recent years have given satisfactory results, in order for these types...

Innolab Bilbao opening

Bilbao City Council, IBM, Euskaltel, BBK Foundation, Mondragon Corporation, University of Deusto and Iberdrola inaugurated today INNOLAB Bilbao, a new center whose objective is to become the engine for the creation of qualified employment in Euskadi through the use of new technologies in the business environment Juan Mari Aburto, mayor of Bilbao: "This center is the" flame that we are already igniting in our city; it is the beginning of...


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